Art Giyim

Art Giyim San. Tic. A.Ş., a company specializing in knitwear production, was established in 2016. Operating in the Sakarya 1st Organized Industrial Zone, it occupies a closed area of 4,000 m2 with 400 employees, achieving a monthly production of 300,000 units. Marketing, design, and pattern-making offices are located in the central office in Güneşli. Art Giyim, known for its trend-setting models, produced by preferred brands, reaches consumers worldwide.




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Aylık Üretim


Ürün Referansı


Üretim Alanı


Kuruluş Yılı


Since 2016, as Art Giyim, we have been primarily engaged in the production of knit and woven fabrics, with a focus on knit fabrics, in the field of confectionery.


We work to ensure that the custom designs and trend collections we create meet the creative expectations of the customer.

Quality Control

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality production is maintained throughout all stages of our production processes. Our Quality Assurance department continues its inspections until our products are delivered.

Research and Development

We conduct testing and analysis activities in our laboratory and research innovative materials and production methods in line with evolving technology.