Our Social Compliance Policy

"For us, social compliance is a business process that is treated as equivalent to the customer's fundamental expectations of price, quality, and delivery performance.

Ebru Group has embraced the mission of empowering women in the areas where it operates, particularly in regions with high female employment, and providing job opportunities for young professionals. This includes investing in the personal and professional development of every employee at every level.

Our Social Compliance Policy

Prevention of Child Labor:

We commit to acting in accordance with the principles and rules of employing child and young labor, ensuring that workers under the age of 16 or below the legal mandatory education age are not employed, and ensuring that all our business partners comply with applicable legal requirements.

Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor:

We commit to not employing workers under conditions of contractually obligated, debt-based, illegal, convict, forced, or unwilling labor. We pledge to adhere to the principle of voluntariness in overtime practices.

Ensuring Occupational Health and Safety:

We commit to making the culture of occupational health and safety a lifestyle, adopting a proactive approach in all activities, complying with the obligations stipulated in national occupational health and safety legislation and international standards, taking all preventive measures to prevent work accidents, ensuring the well-being of all employees in terms of occupational health and safety practices, adopting a working system that prioritizes the overall health of employees, and providing continuous training to our employees in this regard.

Respecting Freedom of Association:

We commit to respecting the freedom of association of employees.

Preventing Discrimination:

We commit to employing workers based on their ability to perform the job, not discriminating based on race, color, language, religion, ethnic origin, political opinion, marital status, age, pregnancy, sexual preference, or gender. Additionally, we pledge to implement remuneration, social aid, promotion, termination, and disciplinary practices in line with these principles.

Preventing Discipline / Ill-Treatment and Harassment:

We commit to treating all employees respectfully and honorably, not allowing verbal, physical, or psychological harassment or ill-treatment.

Working Hours:

We commit to determining working hours in a dignified manner, considering applicable laws and obligations, adhering to the principle of voluntariness in overtime, and ensuring compliance with legal periods and customer standards.

Wages and Payments:

We commit to making normal and overtime payments according to the laws and not employing workers below the minimum wage.

Environmental Protection:

We commit to complying with current environmental legislation, preventing and reducing environmental pollution at the source based on environmental dimensions and impact assessments, reducing CO2 emissions resulting from production and services, using energy, water, and other natural resources efficiently through continuous improvement efforts, and minimizing our environmental impact by implementing environmentally friendly policies and standards as Ebru Group.

Relationships with Suppliers & Gradual Impact:

We commit to measuring the social compliance capacities of supplier companies that provide products/services, monitoring the results with action plans, and gradually increasing their levels of social compliance.

Additional Business Conduct:

We commit to not tolerating corruption, fraud, or bribery in any way.

Management System:

We commit to conducting social compliance, occupational health and safety, and environmental management activities under a management system framework that complies with current laws and regulations, customers' workplace behavior rules, and ensuring its continuity and continuous improvement.