Katsu Textile

Established in 2020, Katsu Textile Industry and Trade Inc. operates in Malatya 1st Organized Industrial Zone with 15,000 m2 of enclosed space and a production capacity of 1000 employees, specializing in weaving and knitting garment production, with a monthly production capacity of 750,000 pieces. Katsu Textile, which increases its capacity day by day, conducts its marketing, design, and pattern-making processes from its headquarters located in Istanbul Güneşli. It has positioned itself among Turkey's largest ready-to-wear and garment manufacturers.


Ülkeye İhracat


Kuruluş Yılı


Kişi Üretim Kapasitesi


Aylık Üretim


Ürün Referansı


Üretim Alanı

Cutting Department

Katsu Textile has all the necessary infrastructure for fast and secure production with its automatic computerized cutting machines that require precision and speed.


Our goal is to achieve 100% on-time delivery for our customer shipments. Our short-term production capability enables our customers to reduce costs and stay responsive to rapid changes in the market.

Design and Presentation

With our Sample Preparation Department consisting of experienced design and pattern specialists, we have the capacity for rapid sample preparation suitable for fast production.

Sewing Department


The operation controls of each process are constantly performed by separate process control teams on all lines, ensuring that the products are sewn with the best quality.