Our group is one of the leading players in the knitwear sector. With a large production capacity, we engage in knitwear production and export for many prominent brands in Turkey and around the world.
Our state-of-the-art knitting, weaving, and garment machinery, along with advanced knitwear washing and finishing units, extensive raw material network, and high-quality standards, meet customer expectations.
With our innovative and dynamic team closely following trends, we are able to produce an average of 4.5 million pieces annually. Prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction, we offer unique collections tailored to both domestic and international demand.
Our customer relations and pattern-making teams understand the critical role of timely and accurate sample submissions in product sales, providing meticulous support to our customers in this phase.
To ensure the sustainable continuity of our operations, we continually improve ourselves to preserve diversity and productivity while meeting all customer expectations.
Production stages at Ebru Triko's factory are carried out meticulously. Each stage, including supply, cutting, sewing, processing, and inspection, is subject to strict control processes to ensure product conformity to standards.
We rigorously inspect and test products to ensure they meet quality standards.
With our flexible production capacity and high-quality standards, we aim to lead the industry, coupled with the right pricing policy.
From raw material selection to packaging customer orders, we operate with the same care and quality target.