Mission, Vision & Values

To provide unique designs to international ready-to-wear clothing brands, fulfilling orders under sustainability principles, ethical standards, and social compliance conditions; to be a respected and trusted company that fulfills its responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, and society.

To become a company that is always prioritized by international premium brands and recognized as a reference in ready-to-wear production."

  • "To exist together as a whole without discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, language, religion, belief, or gender orientation."
  • "To prioritize honesty, reliability, and transparency."
  • "To create the highest value for employees, suppliers, and customers in society."
  • "To use time and resources correctly and efficiently, avoiding waste."
  • "To emphasize creativity, innovation, and continuity in every aspect of our business to best meet the needs of our customers."
  • "To work towards adding value to our world and stakeholders in every field of our operations with a sustainable approach.